GeoMax SmartTAF allows you to manage and search for reference points of Italian cadastral system through the use of augmented reality.

With GeoMax SmartTAF you can download directly from the Italian cadastral website, the reference points of any province and display the points closer to your location. You can see where they are compared to your position with different modes selectable on the fly.

Radar: Display of closest points on a sliding scale with radar.

Augmented Reality: aiming at the reality around you will see where are the points and their distance; when you are very close to the point a symbol will indicate its position.

Google Maps: the points are displayed on the map of Google Maps even with satellite view.

Street View: Street View mode.

Navigator: the location of the point is sent to the navigation applications included in the device.

List: list of the nearest points sorted by distance or list of points of each province.

Point details: display of all information associated with the selected reference point.

Monography: visualization of the monography corresponding to the selected point to determine with precision the point and the reference elevation. The monographs can be stored in the device and also used in off-line mode.

With GeoMax SmartTAF you have everything on your smartphone and you do not prepare maps, monographs before performing a relief. You can address and resolve any situation not provided with speed and security.

GeoMax SmartTAF is an indispensable app for anyone involved in Italian cadastral surveys.