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X•PAD & Zenith35 TAG

The X•PAD Survey software is able to support the new GeoMax Zenith35 TAG receiver (Tilt & Go). The new receiver is equipped with a sensor capable of measuring very accurately the antenna tilt, and this feature has been used within the X•PAD software to improve the measurement activity in the field.

During the measurement, an electronic bubble appears on the screen and then you do not need to check continuously the bubble positioned on the pole but all the necessary information are present on the controller display.

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It is possible to configure the software to not record epochs when the pole is out of the bubble; in this way you can change the traditional order of the measurement operations; In fact, you can press the button Measure and then bring the pole levelled. Only when the pole is vertical epochs will be captured and recorded point. The slope values of the pole at the time of the registration are stored.

It is also possible to measure inaccessible points such as edges, walls, poles using the double measure with the inclined pole that guarantees precision and speed of execution.


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