soluzioni per la topografia
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X•PAD 3.0 – Innovative solutions for surveyors

GeoMax presented X•PAD 3.0 the new version of field software available for Android devices and for Windows Mobile platform.

The new version has been completely redesigned in various parts and while maintaining the appearance and philosophy known, appreciated by users, is characterized by significant improvements and innovations in all its features and with a better integration between the supported instruments (GPS and TPS).

New version 3.0 introduces a new maps management: it allows not only see different types of maps (Google, Bing, OpenStreet, Ovi, …) but also load layer maps available on WMS services; very important is the possibility to save maps in the memory of the controller for use them in off-line mode: without internet connection in the field.

Version 3.0 also supports the new X•Pole system that allows the simultaneous use of prism and GNSS receiver on the same pole by integrating the two measurement modes, and allowing you to benefit from each other; the station’s orientation can be performed using the GPS and the switch between the two measurement modes is done with a single click; remarkable the option that allow the automatic search of the prism using GPS position that allows reduced search and lock time.

Even SmartDrawing has been completely redesigned: it allows the automatic drawing during the survey and now allows you to manage simultaneously the most common line drawing with the aid of automatic rules (zig-zag, same direction) to increase field productivity; using the new SmartDrawing tool, during the survey, design, becomes really easy and fast too.

Among the most important new features are X•Live, the new instant messaging system available within X•PAD that enables the exchange of messages, coordinate systems, generic points and files between members of the same team, ensuring a top-level connectivity including field-field and field-office; X•Live goes so far as to allow you to share real-time points measured between different operators.

These are just some of new features inside X•PAD 3.0 which is confirmed as an extremely professional innovative solution in the world of field topographic solutions.

soluzioni per la topografia

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