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X•PAD Survey & PicPoint

PicPoint is the innovative way of measuring points not directly accessible from the GPS. The combination of GPS positions with the photos acquired by a calibrated camera positioned on the pole, allows to measure directly in the field new points directly on the photo.

Facades, unreachable points, edges, elements to be measured bounded by fences, etc. are all situations where PicPoint is the practical solution, fast and precise.

PicPoint comes with a calibrated high resolution camera and controlled via WiFi from X•PAD software that guide the operator in the simple acquisition phases of the photos and positions.

The camera view is displayed on the controller screen to allow the operator to aim the subject to be measured by three different positions. After a processing of photos and data you can proceed with the measuring points directly on the captured images. To measure is sufficient to indicate the element to be measured on a single photo and the system calculates the 3D coordinates of the point.
Points can be measured directly in the field at the time of acquisition or at any later time also through the topographic software X•PAD Office MPS.

PicPoint changes the way you measure in the field allowing you to measure in 3D on what provides by far the most information: the photos.


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